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There is nothing better than collecting a bunch of fruit from under an abandoned tree and transforming it into a heavenly treat!

Deliciously tart, sweet, wobbly and the most vibrant of reds, this guava jelly has an added earthy bay leaf flavour profile and I encourage you to find a guava tree and make it now!

And thank the earth while you marvel at its beauty as it cooks, drains, simmers then sets. And wait not a moment longer before slathering it on freshly made Ironclad sourdough toast with lashings of butter!


1.5kg firm, ripe guava, rinsed clean 
Water to cover 
8 big fresh bay leaves 
4 c sugar 
Juice of 2 juicy limes 


Place guavas and bay leaves in your Old Dutch and fill with enough water to just cover the fruit.

Using your hands, or a potato masher, squash the guava roughly. 

Boil for 20 minutes without stirring. Don’t stir or press down on the fruit.

Strain the liquid off the hot guava mix through a muslin cloth into a clean bowl below. Do not squeeze! This will make your jelly cloudy. Bunch up the ends of the muslin cloth and tie to the kitchen tap. (see photo) Leave to drip for 3-4 hours.

Measure the strained liquid and return to the Old Dutch with an equal amount of sugar. This recipe will yield about 4 cups of guava/water liquid. So you will use 4 cups of sugar.

Add the lime juice and bring to a boil, then turn the heat down to a simmer. Simmer for 20-30 minutes. Remove any white froth that appears with a spoon. 

You’ll know when the jelly is ready when you drop a teaspoon full onto a saucer and as it cools you can then run your finger through it and the jelly holds its shape on both sides. Do this every minute or so as it nears the sumptuous jelly stage.

Pour hot into sterilized jars.