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If you’ve never tasted pan-seared sweetcorn, I encourage you to start now. You’ll sear the corn with your pan on full heat. Don’t be alarmed when they pop like popcorn. This high heat will produce the most delicious smokey flavour and an almost caramelised texture. Add in extra garlic and chilli if you like it spicy, drizzle with lime juice, a sprinkle of smoked paprika flakes and plenty of salt. Boom. Hot Mexican style corn salsa on the cob!

And I kept it all vegan by using Vutter. What is Vutter you ask?! It’s NZ’s very own plant based butter, it's super delicious and thanks to OOOOBY you can have it delivered to your fridge this week! You'll find Smoked Paprika Flakes online at Sabato. Try some. The flavour is indeed life enhancing.

So, grab your Legacy Pan and some sweetcorn and in under 7 minutes you’ll be serving up crunchy, juicy, sweet, tangy, hot Mexican style corn salsa on a cob.

This recipe is for 2 cobs but 4 cobs will fit easily in your pan, although you might need to cut one of them in half depending on their size.


2 fresh sweet corn cobs, husks removed
5 T Garlic Vutter
½ hot red chilli, sliced finely
2 cloves garlic
¼ c water
½ t smoked paprika flakes
Juice of one juicy lime
Salt to taste
Fresh oregano or coriander


Heat your Legacy Pan on high until it’s smoking. Toss in 2 T Vutter. It will melt super fast. Place the cobs in the pan and roll them around to thoroughly cover them in the Vutter.

Here’s the trick. Don’t stand there turning the cobs every couple of seconds. Let them sizzle away and turn once each side is nicely caramelized.

Turn the heat down low and add the remaining Vutter to the pan along with the garlic and chilli. These ingredients will brown quickly so 10 seconds should see them right. Squeeze the lime juice over the cobs, followed by a splash of hot water in the bottom of the pan to finish off the cooking with steam. Roll the cobs around in this bubbling mix for about 30 seconds.

Serve the cobs sizzling to the table with a generous sprinkle of salt flakes, smoked paprika flakes and a toss of herbs.

Admire that beauty and then devour.

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