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A Fishing Tool for a Healthier Ocean

Crafted from reclaimed ghost nets, this filleting knife embodies the fishing community's commitment to sustainable fishing. Its razor-sharp blade ensures clean, respectful harvests, while its unique handle serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight against ocean waste.

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It works like a dream and has become a symbol of supporting sustainable fishing.
J Hawkes.

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The Filleting Ghost Knife - 22cm

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The Filleting Knife (22cm)

A sleek, super flexible, robot-sharpened blade delivers clean, effortless cuts for delicate tasks.

Perfect for filleting, skinning and boning.

Our unique non-slip design ensures total control – ideal for the wet, demanding conditions faced by professional chefs, outdoor cooks, and anglers.

Comes with a recycled plastic sheath, ideal for transporting and using when fishing.



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What makes the Ghost Knife range unique?

The Ghost Knife range is unique because each knife handle is crafted from salvaged ghost nets recovered from the ocean. This not only helps remove harmful waste but also creates a durable and beautiful handle.

What are the most important knives to start a Set?

To get going, we'd highly recommend a Chef's Knife. It's the most versatile knife in our range, enabling you to do almost every indoor and outdoor prep task.

Is the ghost net handle durable?

Absolutely! Ghost nets are incredibly strong and designed to withstand harsh ocean conditions. This translates to a highly durable knife handle that resists wear and tear, ensuring your Ghost Knife lasts for years to come.

What kind of steel is used for the Ghost Knife blades?

Each blade is made with German premium stainless steel (SS-4034). Each knife is heat-treated to 53-54 HRC (Rockwell Hardness scale). They are known for their high quality by the industry professionals who demand more than anyone from their tools. We wanted to ensure home chefs could enjoy commercial-grade blades, too.

What does the ghost net handle feel like?

The ghost net handle has a unique texture that is smooth yet grippy, providing a secure and comfortable hold even when wet.

Are the Ghost Knife handles dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Ghost Knife handles are dishwasher safe. Handwashing is recommended to preserve the integrity of the blade and ghost net material. But, hey, it's your knife.

Does Ironclad offer any warranty or guarantee for the Ghost Knives?

Yes, Ironclad offers a lifetime warranty on Ghost Knives. This means that if your knife breaks or fails due to a manufacturing defect we will replace it free of charge.

Are the Ghost Knife handles suitable for people with allergies to seafood or shellfish?

The ghost nets used for the handles are thoroughly cleaned and processed to remove any organic matter, including allergens. However, if you have severe allergies, it's always recommended to consult with your doctor before using the knives.

Can I use the Ghost Knives for outdoor activities like camping or fishing?

Yes, the Ghost Knives are versatile and suitable for outdoor use. The durable ghost net handle and corrosion-resistant steel blade make them ideal for various outdoor activities.

Does Ironclad offer any sharpening services for the Ghost Knives?

Ironclad doesn't offer sharpening services directly, but we have detailed instructions on our website for how to sharpen and hone the knives at home. And we sell a premium knife sharpener with a sustainable handle made from Sheep's Wool.

Are the Ghost Knives suitable for left-handed users?

Yes, the design of the handle is perfectly symmetrical so it is suitable for both left and right handers.